Watling & Hirst Ltd

Knowing the forecast

Business plans and forecasts can take many forms and can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether for internal management and growth assessment or for use in applications for external funding, Watling & Hirst can assist you. As accountants and business advisers we can offer assistance in formulating internal cash flow forecasts and profit projections which will assist in the management of working capital on an ongoing basis.

  • Preparation of cash and profit forecast

  • Providing an insight into working capital requirements and management

  • Assessing and balancing loan and overdraft funding requirements

  • Preparing business proposals for bank scrutiny

  • Advising on the taxation aspects of business proposals, whether this be in relation to corporate tax,

         income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, VAT or stamp duty

  • Recommending the most effective business structure and capital funding from business and taxation perspectives

  • Appraisal of business proposals

  • Due diligence in respect of business acquisitions

  • Advising in respect of business exit strategies

  • Preparation of projections for tax planning

Consult with us for business plans and forecasts

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We have experience dealing with a wide variety of businesses and organisations both within the Chichester area and at a national level, so as to be able to provide input regarding likely income and expenditure streams. The main features of our services in this area include:

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