Watling & Hirst Ltd

Registered auditors

Watling & Hirst Limited are registered auditors and are authorised to carry out audits in the United Kingdom by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Audits can be required under the various regulations, including the Companies Act, Charities Act or simply an organisation's own internal regulations. Many businesses request voluntary audits in order to provide reassurance to the shareholders or to make the accounts more robust when presented to finance providers. The range of audits currently conducted by our firm include limited companies, charities, property management companies, clubs and associations and pension schemes.

Our audit work often involves attendance at stock counts, we can advise on the procedures and controls that can minimise the impact on production and make the stock counts more efficient. Our audit experience is also invaluable when carrying out due diligence with regards to business acquisitions and mergers.

Auditing services from our registered auditors

on: 01243 783 818

Our experienced audit team plan and carry out audits under International Auditing Standards and our work is aimed at fulfilling statutory obligations with the minimum of disruption to clients' working environments. We work to your timescales and ensure that filing deadlines are met. As part of our audit work we review the systems and controls operated by businesses and can advise on improvements which can lead to a greater degree of efficiency, whilst improving safeguards to assets and revenue streams.

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